Yes hello.¬
My name is Tasos, and I am a Full-Stack Web Developer based in Corfu, Greece.

I create websites and interactive web applications from the ground up using leading technologies in the field such as PHP, MySQL and Javascript. From mockups to web design, development and testing, I make sure that an application is built with optimization and performance in mind, is deployed on a secure and robust environment and is friendly and appealing to the end-user, whether that is a systems' administrator or just a visitor.
On my free time I create 3D graphics and animations, and I also host my own online radioshow, among other things.
While creating a web application, the frontend will be the first thing the end-user will see once they arrive. A web app should be engaging, have interesting content and apparent structure, or else it will be difficult to navigate. I consider creating a highly efficient and maintainable user interface a big priority, therefore I ensure that the development environment has traits such as continous integration and compartmentalization. If any issue comes up, it will affect only a small part of the codebase and will be easily traceable and fixable.
Implementing a usable frontend goes wasted without having a powerful backend to support it. I have experience working with modern content management systems such as Wordpress and Grav, and I have also developed a specialized framework in PHP called Core, which enables me to create a fully working web application (like this one!) in hours.